Mnemonic Identity
Solutions Limited

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Images of toys, dolls, dogs and cats, for example, that our children used to love for years would jump into our eye even when we are placed in heavy pressure and caught in severe panic, meeting any need of identity assurance in any demanding situations.

The aim of our enterprise is to make Expanded Password System solutions readily available to all the global citizens: rich and poor, young and old, healthy and disabled, literate and illiterate, in peace and in disaster.

Introductory 90-second video “Digital Identity for Global Citizens”

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The Team:


Hitoshi Kokumai

Ryuhei Masuno

Founder and Chief Architect

Co-Founder and Director of Finance and Corporate Affairs


Ade Slade

Matt Warminger


Web and Security Software Developer

Advisory Board:

Colin Wallis

Director of Kantara Initiative Europe. Formerly Executive Directorof Kantara Initiative Inc.

Col. (Retired) Hiroshi Itoh PhD

Founding Commander of Systems DefenceUnit, Signals Brigade, Japan Self-Defence Ground Force (aka Army). Former CTOof FireEye Japan

Debesh Choudhury PhD

Principal Research Scientist at DAZ Labs Asia

Laurent Liscia

Former CEO of OASIS